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Web Design, Development & 
Online Presence

The content on your website should 
Increase your business’s visibility, communicate your value concisely, educate visitors and influence visitors to convert them into customers.

Web Presence

When building a website for your business, owners often prioritize design over content, investing more time and resources into their website’s aesthetics than writing the copy. Beyond the initial impression, what converts visitors into customers is how clearly the website content articulates your business’s ability to solve for their needs.
It won’t matter how beautifully designed your website is if your copy is poorly written or has no structure to guide your visitors.

All of the content on your website should address whether your product or service can deliver a solution for your customer, how, and at what cost. 

Your Visitors Want to Know:

Your Web Site Copy

The ease with which a visitor navigates around your website correlates both to how well your website converts traffic into leads and your site’s ranking in search engines. The navigation menu should be descriptively labeled to minimize the amount of work your visitors have to do to find information most relevant to them on your website. Sites should offer information quickly with the fewest clicks. Concise navigation is a major factor to how much “link authority” is distributed throughout your site.

Your Homepage

The Homepage is a touchstone for navigating your website. Your homepage is your business’s first impression to an online visitor. After landing on your site, visitors should know immediately if they will be able to find the information or solution they were searching for.

Writing About Your Business 

The About Us page is most likely the first page that website visitors look at after landing on your Homepage. The content you write for this page should set a professional tone that introduces your business’s background and adds personality to your site. The content should not be longer than a couple paragraphs in length.

First, establish your business’s credibility and answer
why it is uniquely qualified to serve and solve your target market’s needs. This section should show your visitors what distinguishes your business from your competitors. Mention past achievements, include press clippings, and give concrete examples to help you establish your credentials.

Second, insert personality into the About Us page. Use the page to tell your visitors the story of how your business was founded, introduce yourself, and give a little background about your coworkers. Depending on what type of business you have, this may also be a great area to insert fun facts about yourself and your team.

Your Products & Services

For your Product/Service page to be effective and persuasive, you must be clear and direct about what you’re selling, why your target customers need it, and how it can help them. Thank, what can you write about the products that will convert casual browsers to buyers.

There are many other types of pages including portfolios, photo galleries, case studies, and testimonials that aid your objective of converting website traffic into leads. For example, a webpage of glowing testimonials that showcases how your business has previously solved customers’ pain points would strengthen your business’s credibility. You can use an online portfolio of your work to highlight your experience as well. In addition to your Product/Service page, what type of supplementary pages would your customers be persuaded by?

The Contact Us Page 

The Contact Us page is often the last stop of your visitor’s tour of your site. This page does not require a lot of content, only a clean layout with your business’s basic contact information and call to action.


This includes your phone number, fax number, address, business hours, email address, and/or links to your social media platforms.The layout should be simple and should direct your visitor’s attention towards filling out a lead form.


Make sure your contact information is accurate and clearly displayed, along with an embedded map of your business’s physical location to capture SEO benefits. Use this page to capture your visitor’s information with a lead form or a strong call to action and set the foundation for developing future relations with him or her.

Our Service

We leverage a world-class technology platform that allows us to manage all your Web services from a single dashboard. With a global view of all of your sites services and content, we can ensure all information is always accurate and -- more importantly -- harmonized across all key directories. The end result is dramatic improvement in your organic search engine rankings and, ultimately, more customers to your door. 

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