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We've identified key online directories that are a great place to get started when it comes to listing your business online. Before going to the nine directories it’s important to first review the types of information that you will want to be checking. 

Is your business listed in the directory?

Many times we find that a business (especially if it is new) is not listed at all in a directory. This is a missed opportunity to be visible to potential customers.

Is your business name accurate? 

While the name of a business may seem like a fairly straightforward element to a directory listing, we frequently find businesses listed under inaccurate names. Keep your business name consistent to avoid confusing your customers and potentially losing sales.

Even for a business that does not have a meaningful physical presence it is important to have an accurate address in your directory listings. Without a physical address Google may deemphasize your listing when a search is conducted, decreasing your overall visibility.

Is your phone number listed? 

Having a phone number is important to ensure that you are making it as easy as possible for a potential customer to get in touch with you. We also recommend using a tracked phone number for your directory listings to enable you to monitor how much business you receive from your directory listings.

Is your Web site listed?

Although not all directories allow you to list your website, most do and it’s a good idea to include it whenever possible. Some potential customers will want to contact you directly by phone, but others will prefer to look at your website to learn more about your business before contacting you. Listing your website accurately allows your potential customers to get in touch with you the way that they prefer.

Do you have a photo uploaded? 

While not all directories allow photo uploads, in some cases it is an option. Wherever possible, uploading a photo helps associate a face with your business, which
can increase the chances that someone will want to contact you. The photo can be of the business itself, a person, or the product. Pick something that you think will resonate with your customers and help make you stand out.

Our Service

We leverage a world-class technology platform that allows us to manage all your directory listings from a single dashboard. With a global view of all of your businesses listings, we can ensure all information is always accurate and -- more importantly -- harmonized across all key directories. The end result is dramatic improvement in your organic search engine rankings and, ultimately, more customers to your door. 

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